Kitchen Staples: Nutritional Yeast

June 25, 2011

Nutritional Yeast doesn’t win the Sexiest Condiment Name award, but it's so good, you'll come to find it a must-have, especially if you’re transitioning to veganism.

A 1970s-ish superfood, health foodies have been using it all these decades for its cheesy, nutty flavor.

We use it where one might used to have used parmesan— sprinkling (okay, flooding) the savory flakes onto our salads, soups, Italian dishes, and vegan cheesy sauces.

Nutritional yeast is a complete protein (contains all the essential amino acids) and is high in B vitamins, including B12 (note: not everyone absorbs this B12, but it works for me. My B12 blood levels are fine, even after 8+ years of veganism without capsule supplementation).

Available in all health food stores, usually in the bulk section—buy a large jar at a time, you'll use it up fast!