Featured on CNN, FOX, Today, and other major media outlets, Ruby Roth is an artist and the world's leading author and illustrator 
of vegan and vegetarian books for children.  

Vegan since 2003, Roth was teaching art at an elementary school when her students' fascination with her eating habits inspired her to write That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals in 2009—the first book of its kind in children's literature. Vegan Is Love and V Is for Vegan followed. Today, Roth's books have been translated into multiple languages including German, Italian, Korean, French, Polish, Finnish, and Slovenian, and can be found in retail stores around the world.

Roth's newest title, The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids is designed to get all kids into the kitchen to chop, sprinkle, mix, mash, and roll their way into healthy eating habits!  

Complementing her degrees in art and American Studies, Roth has researched animal agriculture, health, nutrition, and the benefits of a plant-based diet for over a decade, helping raise a vegan child through adolescence.

Roth lives in Los Angeles

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Photo: Jacob Rushing (he's veg!)

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