Adulting: Vegan Handbags (+ Coupon Code)

January 27, 2016

My bestie, Lisa (side note: veg since age 12) is always put together—clothes, hair, and nails did. To paint you a picture—once, in the wee hours of the morning, I picked her up from the hospital after a minor medical procedure. As they rolled her out, whoozy in a wheelchair, I was amused, but not shocked to see that she was nevertheless wearing a classy large-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and a beautiful wraparound scarf, an architectural weekender handbag perched on her lap. Every nurse she passed complimented her on different items head to toe. She struck up conversations and waved to them with perfectly manicured hands. I, on the other hand, was wearing the sweatpants I had slept in, juggling my jingling keys and ragged clutch, and was avoiding human contact. I was wearing glasses, but they were the seeing kind. 

Lisa, even at 7 am, medicated and wobbly, had dressed to make sure she felt as good as she could, given the circumstances, and I appreciated it. She looked like a grown woman, and people treated her as such. She was having fun interacting with the outside world.

That's why, after Lisa nagging me to get nicer, grown-up-lady stuff, I started to listen. 

vegan handbag | GUNAS | 
I still feel most comfy in all black everything, but I know I can wear nice all-black-everything things that make me feel good, feel confident, and feel more me...things that make life a little more fun, too!

So I am proud to say that I found something great to continue my "adulting" mission: the GUNAS Naomi handbag. A) I love it, b) it's black, c) I actually need it for travel, d) it's good-lookin', sturdy, and practical, e) I feel ethically good about it, and f) it makes me feel okay about attracting some attention because g) it's vegan!

Also h) it's Lisa-approved. These are her custom-manicured hands handling my new don't want to see mine. I may have conquered getting a purse, but nails are another story.

vegan handbag | GUNAS |

vegan handbag | GUNAS |

vegan handbag | GUNAS |

vegan handbag | GUNAS |

The first time I wore it was to a business meeting and I tell you what! It actually did make a difference to how I felt! I was carrying all my meeting documents, my book, and a big camera in the Naomi and it still felt sleek. I wasn't juggling my keys and clutch, so my hands were free for greetings, and I found myself walking more gracefully!

It is just a bag—but truth to tell, I really did feel more put together, presentable, and confident carrying this accessory. And when I got complimented on my Naomi, I had the opportunity to mention that it's actually vegan—no cow, ostrich, or crocodile skin. The complimenter was further intrigued. Score.  

So you can save the world and look good doing it. Sometimes we just need a nudge from our more fashionable friends...thanks Lisa and GUNAS!

GUNAS has been kind enough to provide my readers with the following coupon code—just in time for Valentine's Day, too! I highly suggest getting a gift for a grown-up lady you love...maybe that's yourself!

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