The Big V with John Salley + Guest Ruby Roth

March 10, 2016

the big v with john salley + ruby roth

Former NBA star John Salley (one my favorite leading vegans) and I have seen each other at a million events but finally got to hang out this past week when I was a guest on his live-streaming internet show, The Big V with John Salley. (Side note: is this not one of the funniest pictures, you guys?! I think Bob Marley is taller than me!).

Watch the episode here:

John Salley Ruby Roth

Let alone that John is insanely entrepreneurial and has a million vegan products across industries, and let alone that he is constantly lending himself to speaking engagements to promote health and wellness, John is a wonderful, real, open, straight-forward, hilarious person whose approach to vegan leadership I love. So I was thrilled to be on the show and talk not only about what's inside The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids, but about the concept childhood, the transformative power of veganism, and about ALL my non-children's book art that I never get to show you—you'll see some of my paintings in the background while we talk. Check it out!

The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids

P.S. Don't forget that Help Yourself pre-orders get FREE bonus materials for a limited time, so furry up, watch the trailer, and make your order here