Indian Spice Milky Dessert Tea

January 28, 2014

This recipe delivers such comfort, you have to try it!

I've been drinking this sweet milky tea all "winter" (I'm in L.A.) while kabocha squash has been in season. I make it in big soup-pot batches to last our fam a couple days and we enjoy it steaming hot or over ice...ridiculous! I was trying to make a pumpkin spice dessert tea over the holidays, but all the pumpkin teas were full of natural flavors, for shame! So here's my own version, using kabocha for rich color and flavor. As you'll learn, I like to keep the recipes I share loose—exercise your kitchen instincts and play! 

Indian Spice Milky Dessert Tea with Kabocha
1 carton almond milk
2-3x the water (to thin the milk to your liking)
3 bags Tulsi or green tea (I'm in love with this one—it's non-caffeinated).
Cooked kabocha squash flesh (at least a few giant heaping spoonfuls, I use quite a chunk)
To taste:
Turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, agave (enough to make gently sweet)

Blend the cooked kabocha flesh with a little water, then pour into a large pot with all other ingredients. As you bring everything to a gentle boil, stir until even. Simmer, lid tilted, until the flavors meld and tea is deeply steeped, stirring occasionally.

Let me know how you like it in the comments below!