J Lo: (Vegan) Love Don't Cost a Thing

May 14, 2014

Jennifer Lopez Vegan

I know, I know, you don't care about celebs that decide to go vegan on-and-off for health reasons.

But these news hits do catch my eye—and yours, too, because you're here, right?!

Have no shame!

If nothing else, almighty publicity-machine celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyonce, Anne Hathaway, and Joaqun Phonix (obviously our fave because he's a lifer—and the narrator of Earthlings) help get the V-word out into the public mind's eye...and the movement should be grateful for the bump—even if she's "plant-based" and not "vegan." 

The more "vegan" gets out there, to all kinds of demographics, the more normalized it becomes. Eventually people will stop asking, "Not even fish?" because they'll know that, nope, fish is not a vegetable.

I've read before that Jennifer Lopez was a green juice and kombucha drinker—thank you, vegans, for bringing those things to the market for her. She was apparently vegetarian for a stint before and has now ditched all animal products in her diet...yay! I mean, imagine you ran into J Lo and you were like, "Hey, by the way, could you just quickly tell everyone they should go vegan? Oh you will? Cool, thanks."

That's basically what's happening. Think of all her mega-millions of fans that follow her. They're going to hear about it.

She is publicly saying that going vegan has made her "feel better," and that she'd definitely encourage others to cut out meat, eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived ingredients all together. 

WHAT? I don't recall those other celebs giving such a shout-out. So far, she's winning best newly converted celeb. She added: "You do feel better. I do recommend the vegan diet because you wake up and feel great!" 

Damn right! Especially when right after that you brush your teeth with chemical-free, cruelty-free toothpaste and rock a pair of shoes you know no one was skinned alive for. If she sticks with it long enough, she'll start figuring it out. I did. 

"Butter is the one thing I miss!" Lopez did say.

You, too? Just switch it out with Earth Balance spreads (ridiculous) or just use olive oil...I promise, you'll be "livin' it up."

Welcome her to plant-based life and give your non-butter butter suggestions here (for the animals!).