Social Veganism: How to Talk to Kids + Non-Vegans

April 8, 2015

Vegan FAQ

If you don't yet know "Eco Vegan Gal" Whitney Lauritsen, I'm so happy that I get to introduce you to her! She has a popular YouTube Channel that you'll be super impressed by, and I was stoaked to be on her live Q&A show recently. 

We answered some of my favorite questions ever about veganism from a live audience about everything from society's addiction to meat and dairy, to dealing with disrespectful in-laws, getting picky kids on board with vegan eating, split omnivore-veg families, must-read must-see vegan resources, getting people to consider veganism, and a lot more in between...from religion to adoption to our school systems. We really packed it in. 

And per Whitney's general awesomeness, she has bookmarked each question so you can skip forward to the ones you're most interested in as well as listed all the resources we cover. It's all in the YouTube video description area for your convenience. 

Happy viewing!