September 15, 2017

Veganism, for me, has always been one dimension of a broader ache and interest—in truth-seeking, in the study of higher consciousness, in matters of the heart. It is one course in a study of love. 
The same love drives my first calling—art—through which my activism unfolded into the series of children's books you know. But for most of my life, the art I've created has been about women, our bodies and our inner lives, what we are in this world.

I'm writing to tell you about a shift I'm making in my work, a return to broader territory and themes, although I do think you'll find that the new intersects with the old. I hope you'll follow along, the shift is tectonic for me. 

Just over a year ago, I superbombed my life, and in the void of the detonation, created a very personal body of artwork.

What flowed out were girl gods, wild women, wise women, and an understanding that, in all dimensions—personal, familial, social, political, environmental, cosmic—ashes are always ingredients for new forms. 

I made a shop for my art, separate from my children's books, and there I'll tell you more about how and why it came to be. The story is not just my own, it's about you, too.

For now, my newsletters will remain separate. If you'd like to follow my personal artwork and upcoming shows separately, please sign up for the Draw Or Die x Ruby Roth newsletter in the print shop—or follow @ruby_roth on Instagram (@wedonteatanimals, too). Not yet, but one day, I may tell you that I'm combining my newsletters...because to me, there are no boundaries between my art and activism; there is no "children's" work versus "adult" work, it is all lines on paper. And it all stems from that ongoing study of love. 

Thank you for your support always,

Ruby Roth