May Favorites + Vegan Wins + Progress

May 28, 2014

First—I had SUCH a great time getting to know you all in the comments of my last blog about "angry vegans"—don't ever stop leaving me notes! I LOVE your philosophies and the way you support one another. You put me in such a good mood, I wanted to thank you—the very least I can do is share all the great things that have happened in the world recently. Check it out below and be happy!
Thank you, as always, for being part of this community!

Favorites + Wins + Progress:

This AMAZING 103-year-old is exposing Sea World's lies!

Do you know vegan Oh Dear Drea? She's got a gajillion readers and I understand why. #tooCute

 A (vegan) book you can give to non-vegan friends and family who have health/mood problems.

Kids reading to cats...why?

Forget the party at a hotel ballroom—this bar-mitzvah boy skips it (and becomes a real man).

A legal good riddance to this Indian tradition.

21 million other people watched this brave cat rescue her best boy. 

Jenny from the block starts eating vegan.

This fantastic elephant news is a thorn in the side of Ringling Brothers Circus...may it grow so big it takes them down in all cities!

Is the U.S. on its way to what would be a landmark victory over the circus?

This lawyer is fighting to give animals legal personhood...and now we'll get to watch!

Another film coming down the pipeline to help our movement! (T-shirts designed by me!)

October Favorites

October 30, 2013

Do you have your vegan Halloween candy ready for when the trick-or-treaters come a-knockin'?! If not, these candies are suprisingly vegan—and you can pick them up anywhere, last minute!

Halloween is our little one's b-day, so we have to party! As you can see, our costumes are pretty DIY, mostly put together with stuff we have around the house. This year, we'll have a pint-sized ninja, a wise, heavily beaded guru (who will no doubt give dietary advice), and me—I'll be a dead something-or-other...maybe I'll call myself The Economy, haha!

Ah well, here's the good news, my October favorites...

Is Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu going vegan? Login with FB to read what he said—fingers crossed for his attendance at Gary Yourofsky's next speech!

This film jolted ratings on CNN last Thursday night, giving 1.4 million people across all age demographics a potent dose of animal rights reality. Set your DVRs for the encore November 2 at 9pmEST.

Little island, big victory: a model for the whole world to see!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit  was an early introduction to my love of art and politics—and pin-ups! Check out the real Jessica tamale!

I hope Banksy is vegan with a statement like this.

Inspiration for friends fighting cancer...tell 'em it can't hurt!

Los Angeles politicians actually doing something amazing for health and the environment?!

Not all "man-eating monsters" are alike! A "new" piranha joins team V.

Favorites List September 2013

September 27, 2013


Umm...hello and goodbye September?! That was fast.

Here are a handful of discoveries that have me dancin' and prancin' (plus a chance to win a book below):

Who yelled "Vegan Power" while breaking a world record?

News to restore your faith in sanity and humanity!

A supplement I'm making my man take after his maniacal workouts.

I'm hooked on these—packing iron, magnesium, calcium, B2, and more. Request them at your local health food store.

Make any chicken noodle soup recipe vegan by using Chicken of the Woods. No one will know the difference!

Word is spreading! Gotta see this, this, and this.

First glance won't tell ya, but this is a win-win for soda companies. Come on, FLOTUS!

Monsanto eats it! *Breaking news*

Do you have your copy yet?!
Win a signed V Is for Vegan book plus a sticker pack by picking me, Ruby Roth, on Team Cluck between now and Oct. 2 for Farm Sanctuary's "What Did You Do?" campaign! Donations will be matched!