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June 30, 2015

If you haven't heard, I've been holed up and sequestered, busy designing the layout for my next book, Help Yourself: 60 Easy Plant-Based Recipes Kids Can Make to Stay Healthy and Save the World (April 2016)—I'm telling people it's also for busy/lazy adults. Join me on Instagram to get a sneak peek from the photoshoot....I can't wait to show you more!

Do you know LAIKA MAGAZINE yet? It's the most beautiful vegan lifestyle read—one that can compete with any other mag on the racks these days!

The founder, Julie Gueraseva, asked me to be involved in their brand new fifth issue and I got to do two amazing things:

 Illustrate a fashion trend spread (see above; this represents the whole other "adult" side to my artwork that came before the children's books. You probably didn't even know! More at Draw Or Die).

 Interview the amaaaaazing hardcore, longtime vegan artist and activist  in an artist-to-artist conversation. Her dedication to her vegan work, especially at the cost of money or acceptance or fame, hit me really hard. I've never known any artist quite like her. 

In this fifth "Strength" issue, LAIKA has really hit a new level of beautiful and smart. I hope you'll subscribe to LAIKA (digital and print copies available) and check out all the amazing visuals and articles on people and happenings you should know about...your subscription helps support a whole network of vegans in different fields, it's an amazing little economy to bolster. 

Happy week!


*Vegan shoes you can afford!



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Vegan Author Schools News Anchors

December 3, 2014

In the greenroom just before this TV interview, a producer gently warned me that the anchors would likely take a tough stance against my book, Vegan Is Love.

I imagine that she, the producer, had taken in my small stature, the cuteness of my book cover, and had suddenly felt badly about throwing an innocent little children's book author to the wolves.

"It's okay," I told her, playing soft. Secretly, I was already hardened from my FOX interview, plus I had just returned from a health conference. I was feeling pretty damn sharp. 

The anchors, of course, went in as they do. Along with other feigned concerns about protein and ostracization, they suggested that Vegan Is Love might fall into the category of things parents do to "traumatize" children at an early age.

By the end of the interview, as I stepped off the stage, I could feel it had not gone as expected by any of the KTLA staff...enjoy it!



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Help! I Love a Meat-Eater!

September 16, 2014

You guys, one of my oldest and best friends is a butcher.


He has worked at Whole Foods, and now he’s at an organic, grass-fed, blah-blah-blah meat company. He's not on the killing floor, but he does carve up bodies. "Wow," I told him recently, "we do the complete opposite things in life."  

"Yeah" he said, "I sell gross animal products." He accepts my stance.
Every time I’m in Northern California, we see each other, we laugh, and have a great time. He visits my family, we feed him plates-full of vegan food. He loves it. I send him and his wife recipes to try.

Career-wise, I’m Mary-Had-a-Little-Lamb (minus the curds and whey), and he’s Freddy Krueger. But friendship-wise, we’ve been Bill and Ted, Burt and Ernie, Sherlock and Watson...I’m just morally and ethically opposed to things he has no problem doing every day.

 love a meat-eater
I mean, basically Bonnie and Clyde. Best prom picture ever, right?

So what do you do? How can you have a deep relationship—platonic, romantic, or familial—with a meat-eater, when you’re diametrically opposed to some of their major life choices? 

Love happens. And I don't think it should be denied. 
You won’t convert everyone you love, nor win every debate. So pick your battles. When I choose not to fight one outwardly, I’m still waging war—by being an excited, happy-about-it representative of veganism.

You know what that leads to? Questions. When he wants health advice, my friend knows who to turn to. 

One time, I got him off butter:

love a meateater2

See? So much love. :)

If you're struggling to reconcile your love for a person with their love for eating animals, look at the quandary practically.

What good would ending the relationship do? Would it cause any ripple of change to the exterior world? Would any animals be saved? Would any animal suffering be alleviated?
If you answered yes even once, you might consider ending the relationship (in severe cases), or more likely, modifying your role in it. 

If it’s an omnivorous spouse or child that you love, consider not enabling any meat-eating and animal-product-purchasing in your home. You can opt never to buy or cook animal products. If they want it, they'll have to figure that out themselves. One activist I know even refuses to dine with family unless the meal is vegan. Otherwise, he tells them, they see each other another time. 

Love who you want, and love big! But don't compromise your own morals and values.

Ultimately, you can not control anyone else's behavior but your own to save animals...fortunately, your behavior has a lot of power and influence. 

Keep on truckin' and watch what happens. 

Tell me about your struggle with your loves who still eat animals. Please share in the comments area below so others can may be part of the conversation, too.