Veganism Trumps Trump

November 15, 2016

Veganism Trumps Trump

Energy is intense right now, right?! The whole United States is feeling feelings!

Amidst all the resistance and fear and protest and negativity, I wanted to express/suggest something else:

I am excited. I feel very goddamn strong. 

All the ugly has to come out if we're going to annihilate it (that goes for personal and public matters; the micro and the macro) and the progressive population needed to realize that buying a Prius ain't enough.

In my 10+ years of vegan activism, the worst offenders have been progressive people who won't change the personal choices that are destructive to the world; "conscious" people who reform instead of revolutionize their habits; smart, caring people who have the wherewithal to vastly change markets and society with their personal agency, and don't. They are the meditating, electric-car-driving, organic-meat-buying, Greenpeace-donating, outraged-by-police-shooting types who merely voice their concerns or throw money at bandaids versus participating in the most effective solutions. Their concerns about the world do almost nothing to change it.

In light of Trump's election, this demographic wants to make sure that the progressive agenda is not reversed or ignored. This is an opportune time for us to make veganism's power known. 

It's time to step up OUR game and promote the political motivations behind veganism—matters of healthcare, energy, environment, labor and workers' rights, feminism, gender, racism, subsidies, pharmaceuticals, water, local and global food distribution—all the dimensions of life which are, in fact, more immediately affected by people's everyday choices than by any legislation these cockamamie politicians will or will not support in the coming years. 

The question we need to pose now to the population upset about Trump is, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? In other words, where are you pushing and pulling your money? What are you going to eat? What do you do for anyone or anything besides yourself? Are your habits revolutionary or just reformist? Comforting or effective?

I'm not afraid of what's coming because I see all sides. I know transformation, I know my power, and I know WHAT TO DO now. Death cycles bring life cycles. A new America is not on Trump, it's on us. 

Take care,


P.S. Sending a little love from a time of deeply spiritual and effective opposition (play this loud!):


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The Big V with John Salley + Guest Ruby Roth

March 10, 2016

the big v with john salley + ruby roth

Former NBA star John Salley (one my favorite leading vegans) and I have seen each other at a million events but finally got to hang out this past week when I was a guest on his live-streaming internet show, The Big V with John Salley. (Side note: is this not one of the funniest pictures, you guys?! I think Bob Marley is taller than me!).

Watch the episode here:

John Salley Ruby Roth

Let alone that John is insanely entrepreneurial and has a million vegan products across industries, and let alone that he is constantly lending himself to speaking engagements to promote health and wellness, John is a wonderful, real, open, straight-forward, hilarious person whose approach to vegan leadership I love. So I was thrilled to be on the show and talk not only about what's inside The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids, but about the concept childhood, the transformative power of veganism, and about ALL my non-children's book art that I never get to show you—you'll see some of my paintings in the background while we talk. Check it out!

The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids

P.S. Don't forget that Help Yourself pre-orders get FREE bonus materials for a limited time, so furry up, watch the trailer, and make your order here


Vegan UFC Fighter Diaz Makes Opponent McGregor Eat His Words

March 6, 2016

Nate Diaz vegan
Photo: UFC 196 McGregor vs Diaz

Known for being rough around the edges—even more than your typical professional fighter—it might come as a shock to some that last night's UFC 196 winner Nate Diaz has been "ruffing" it by eating vegan and experimenting with raw foods for twelve years, since he was eighteen years old. 

"I switched to a total vegan diet some time ago – no meat or dairy, and I feel stronger than ever and my endurance is only getting better.” Diaz has said, having taken a cue from his teammate Jake Shields, who grew up veg, as well as his older brother Nick, who says, "I eat no meat or dairy, and I not only fight, but compete in triathlons.  I am a big believer in a clean diet." 

On March 5, in a short physical battle that threw a wrench in Connor McGregor's undefeated record, Diaz was also incidentally victorious in the symoblic battle between camps. Leading up to the match—for which Diaz had only 11 days notice—McGregor had likened Diaz to a wounded gazelle who was heavy on his feet.

“I’m a lion in there,” he told Diaz. “Your little gazelle friends are going to be staring though the cage looking at you and your carcass getting eaten alive. All they’re going to do is say: ‘We’re never going to cross this river again.’”

Ido Portal, a coach from McGregor's camp had also expressed doubts about plant-based diets being healthy for top-tier competitive athletes, having stated, "I can't view vegan diets as something healthy. I've never met a vegan who was able to perform with the same energy levels as I see with someone with a more carnivore diet. I actually refuse to work with vegans." 

Well, gazelle beats lion. How 'bout them apples?

From Nate's Instagram account, thanking Garden of Life Raw for their vegan supplements:

nate diaz vegan

My born-and-raised-vegan 11-year-old step-daughter, Akira, has been training and competing in Jiu Jitsu and wrestling for over a year, winning competition after competition (the Diaz brothers are some her favorites, of course). We know that one major factor of her physical and psychological strength, exceptional cardio, and endurance, agility, and flexibility is our nutrient-dense, junk food-free, vegan lifestyle. 

Akira Bua Naga champion

Akira's health and gentle warriorship are two of the reasons I am so proud to be releasing my latest book, The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids a new resource for families who want to start their children on a path of health, wellness, and a high quality of life.

This book is full of the things we actually eat in our house—whole, unprocessed ingredients, and superfoods, too—stuff that vegan athletes eat! The recipes and meal ideas are simple enough for a kid to prepare, making the cookbook a great go-to for everyday healthy choices the whole family can use. It also happens to be more than 90% gluten free. Click here to watch a trailer, pre-order, and get some free bonuses, too. 

Cheers to plant power and vegan warriors—whatever shape, size, and demeanor they come in! 

Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids