Vegan Author Debates Child Psychologist on FOX

August 5, 2014

I admit.

In certain moments, I couldn't keep the smirk off my face because I found myself experiencing—live—a segment that bordered on being a Will Ferrell comedy. 

Truly theater of the absurd, the moderator and child psychologist's opinions are so over-the-top, that just after this aired, I received a flood of well-wishing emails from FOX viewers voicing their disdain of such ridiculousness. Some of the most simple, but unforgetable for me were these from two men:

"I never take the time to address issues I see on the news, however I saw you on fox news this morning, talking about your book while graciously taking narrow minded criticism. After watching this segment of the news, I felt the need to try and contact you to offer some support...I have not read your book, but from what I gathered; the message your book gives, is a hard one for most to swallow. Not only because does it challenge what they should be teaching their children, but it challenges them to reconsider the truth for themselves." [sic]

And this one, from a man with an open mind:

"Saw ruby on fox today. Very articulate with good camera appeal. Im not a vegan, im 62 but certainly can see how ruby.s message could resonate if kept up." [sic]

Score. There are fair people watching FOX, if not on FOX. 

Touching emails like these, of course, were amongst a host of other grammatically-challenged, anonymous notes that accused me of being:

• "a pusher, no better than a crackhead drug dealer downtown."
• "manipulative"
• "twisted"
• "too skinny. Your ribs are showing." 
• "money-hungry"
• "just trying to destroy animal farmers and the fish industries."

Well...they were right about the last one.