Vegan Children's Book Causes Today Show Controversy

April 20, 2015


Vegan Is Love is three years old this Earth Day week, and I like to look back at the media storm my little book caused in 2012, sparked by this first TV segment on the Today Show. If you weren't with me then, check it out—my favorite is Matt Lauer's analysis of the book title at's downright Nobel-worthy journalism, I tell you. 

I know you're about to get fiery and want to yell at the monitor over this sensationalized nonsense as they try to position veganism as weird, scary, and difficult, just know that I was not mad at this piece, but completely delighted for two main reasons.

One, these "experts" perfectly exemplify the very problems Vegan Is Love aims to tackle—ignorance and doubt about veganism, the underestimation of children, the general lack of critical thinking, and our culture's anthropocentric view—the belief that humans are at the center of all reality. The story proved the very need for Vegan Is Love—and I knew the people it was written for would see it.  

And two, there was something else I knew. I knew that for years to come, a growing community around the world could watch this clip, all of us knowing full well that the kids we're raising are able to compete with these "expert" opinions because they've been taught to think, eat, learn, and live differently, with all life in mind. This new generation continues to grow exponentially and that is something I'll honor every year around this time.

What better thought to mark Earth Day? 

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