Vegans ♥ Government Shutdown

October 7, 2013

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT celebrating the havoc this shutdown is wreaking on many Americans who are caught as pawns while our "leaders" bicker far up on the hill, away from their constituents' suffering. My point is only that the shutdown shines light on the flaws in our animal agriculture system—and any time that system is exposed I am glad for it. The suffering of animals in this industry is never-ending, unlike this shutdown, which will eventually be over. My personal fight, ultimately, is not only for animals, but for the health and wellbeing of all, and fair access to healthy food (know that it was my interest in social justice that led me to veganism after all).

I know this sounds silly, but I  the government shutdown.

If you've seen my lectures, you know I delight in the reveal of a seamy problem. In this case, the halt in government spotlights the teeteringly unsound foundation of the meat and dairy industry, quickly turning the tables on the common claim that "veganism isn't sustainable."

Our leaders' failure to pass a budget means that farm bills go unsettled, giving animal farmers the shakes and driving current warnings that the price of meat and dairy could double or even triple should the shutdown continue. GOOD!

Seventy-five percent of government subsidies go to meat and dairy while less than 1% goes to fruit and vegetables—the only reason a Big Mac would ever be cheaper than a salad. Taking into account environmental and health costs, the true pricetag of an unsubsidized hamburger rings upwards of $200.

Fruit and vegetable farmers have stood on their own two feet, but a few weeks without government and the whole meat and dairy industry could go kaput? (I feel my anarchist tendencies flaring up.)

The next time someone tells you veganism is unsustainble or too expensive, refer to this shutdown which proves that the animal agriculture system we have now should be disqualified for its inefficiency alone...and don't forget to say, as I always do, to "choose veganism before it chooses you!"

What are some other answers you give to the "too expensive," "unsustainable" argument? Leave me a comment below!