Outside the U.S.?

We're happy to take your order, but please note that Ruby’s English-version books are available internationally,
wherever books are sold—and any bookstore can order them for you! Check your favorite online retailer, local bookstore, vegan shop, or health food store to save on shipping.
Thank you!

Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you
don't find your answer, please fill out the form below, thank you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your shipping and returns policies?
Please check your shopping cart carefully! Orders from We Don't
Eat Animals are non-refundable. See the details of our policy here.

Are Ruby's books available in my country?
Ruby's books are distributed worldwide wherever books are
sold—online and in many international vegan shops. Any bookstore
will be able to order them if you ask (please do!). If you have any
trouble at all, email [email protected] for local stores.

Do you have these books in my language?
Grazie! Obrigado! Arigato! See the list above for all available
foreign translations. We are always looking for foreign publishers
interested in licensing Ruby's books. Suggestions welcome!

Can I help translate your books into my language?
Thank you for wanting to help! But an established publisher
must license the rights the translate, publish, and distribute
these books from Ruby's U.S. publisher. Any other distribution
violates copyright law. We are working to bring Ruby's books
to many more countires and welcome your suggestions for
foreign publishers who might be interested. It has worked before!